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Workforce Consultancy offers cost-effective, flexible solutions to power up your business and build your talent pipeline for the future.

Skills. Sorted.

Imagine filling your talent gap with resource that has been expertly trained to deliver the skills your business needs. With no training costs, and no recruitment, onboarding, pastoral care or mentorship required.
We help clients bridge the gap between their permanent and contingent workforce by deploying our skilled consultants to deliver on your projects. With our capabilities in business analysis, change and transformation and technical expertise, you can save upwards of 25% on your contingent labour spend.

Assess your workforce strategy

Our free Workforce Planning Assessment is a quick 30-minute call that will look at your teams to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workforce strategies and ROI.

There is no commitment but simply a review of how you could get the most out of your resources. An assessment with us will help you to evaluate how your goals can be achieved and what skills may be better aligned to help support your strategy. We would cover:

Current go-to-market hiring strategies

  • Over-arching strategic goals
  • Strengths and weaknesses with a skills analysis
  • Time to hire
  • Budget planning for projects

Our solutions deliver tangible benefits‚Äč

One of Europe's largest insurance and asset management companies enlisted Workforce Consultancy to provide Business Analyst, Project Manager, PMO, and Change & Transformation resources. Our support replaced the company's use of contractors as well as the Big Four consultancies saving them 27% or £600k per annum.


Ready to scale up for growth?

"We're looking at how we can support businesses across all our services, whether that's through insights, data or advisory. Businesses can’t afford to stick their heads in the sand and not invest in their future talent; because when the recession lifts, they won't be ready to scale up for growth. One of the challenges many of our clients are facing is how to navigate mandates on maximum contract lengths. We’ve come up with a simple ‘work around’ through our Workforce Consultancy service, taking contractual problems off your hands, and giving you access to a pool of consultants maintained as permanent staff by us.

Some organisations have the investment to support apprenticeship programmes directly and they're utilising their permanent headcount spend, others have funding within a contingent or purchase order space that they can use. So, they can pause their permanent headcount recruitment during recession and use their flexible non-permanent spend to create a future talent pipeline. Having several options to access that early careers talent ensures growth and sustainability."

Jessica Holt, Global Head of Workforce Consultancy, Resource Solutions